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Non-Ferrous Laser Cutting

Step up your operation with our Trumpf TruLaser 3030 laser cut parts.

Safe for the food, liquid processing, and pharmaceutical industry sanitation needs. The laser is exclusively operated within our non-ferrous facility to ensure a sanitary end-product.
Tri-Mach Group is able to cut non-ferrous materials and parts to meet any specific design or function. With amazing accuracy and tight tolerances, any design idea can become a reality.

Our Capabilities:

With an array of laser cutting services at your fingertips, your next solution can be something the market has never seen before. Tri-Mach Group is ready to provide you with best-in-class services to help make it happen.

• Ability to process stainless steel material up to 1” thick • Capable of handling sheets or plates up to 60” x 120” in size
• Dedicated to non-ferrous parts & materials • Inventory of 304 and 316 sheets from 22-7ga & plates 1/4” to 3/4”
• BrightLine Fiber technology guarantees the highest edge quality • Skilled Engineers & Operators
Our Products:

With maximum cutting flexibility, the TruLaser 3030 Fiber is the perfect machine for all of your custom stainless materials or parts. With a focus on the processing of non-ferrous metals, Tri-Mach Group guarantees the highest quality and sanitation in your products.

• Guarding • Shelving • Brackets
• Supports & Frames • Floor Drains • Chutes
• Carts • SS Racking • Tables

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