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Iron Will Raw is a producer of raw pet food based out of St. Catharines, Ontario. Iron Will Raw’s products are natural, high in protein, and absent of any fillers or preservatives, resulting in a healthy diet for all pets.

Knowing the high sanitation risks related to raw food, Iron Will Raw reached out to Tri-Mach to ensure their new packaging line achieved the highest sanitary levels possible. Tri-Mach designed an end packaging conveyor for their new line, which improved productivity and decreased downtime during production. With the new packaging conveyor in place, employees at Iron Will Raw now operate in a more ergonomic setting, resulting in higher production volumes and boosting efficiency by up to three times.

When working with raw food, the sanitary standards processors must adhere to are stringent. Tri-Mach’s sanitary technology ensures all products are kept clean during the packaging process, making it safe for both the pets and pet owners to be around. Contact our sales team today to find out more about our sanitary equipment tailored for the pet food industry.