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Handling baked goods requires smooth transfers, non-stick surfaces, and temperature-safe components for high-heat and freezing applications to protect delicate products from becoming damaged.

Our team will work with you to find a custom solution that maintains your product’s integrity while increasing efficiency on the line.

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Bakery Production

Confectionary & Snack

Processing and packaging within the confectionary and snack industries can be a sticky procedure. Our non-stick, sanitary conveyor modifications will create a smooth and reliable process to bypass any issues which would normally delay production.

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We’ve been producing high-quality, sanitary equipment for the dairy industry for over 30 years.

Our team of industry experts understand the time and temperature constraints associated with dairy processing and will work with you to design equipment that increases overall efficiency.

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Frozen Food

Our frozen processing and packaging solutions are designed with product temperatures, orientation, integrity, and line speeds at the forefront. The equipment we develop for frozen food processors is made to withstand low temperatures and be quickly disassembled and cleaned.

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Fruit & Vegetable

To mitigate the food safety risks associated with fruit and vegetable processing, we ensure that our equipment is designed and fabricated to limit potential harbourage areas. We do this by applying our Ever-Kleen® design methodology to all aspects of our equipment builds, which includes smooth welds and easy to disassemble components.

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Liquid & Beverage

After years of experience working in the liquid and beverage processing industry, our solutions ensure that all your liquid filling and packaging processes are efficiently designed and robust enough for 24/7 operation.

From soups to juices, our sanitary systems will ensure a safe final product for your consumer.

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Meat and Poultry

When working with raw or cooked meat, sanitary design is a top priority to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and product contamination. Our Ever-Kleen® line of products are tailored to the meat and poultry industry, ensuring maximum food safety protection for all your products.

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Nutraceutical processing standards are strict, and avoiding the contamination of raw materials is essential to avoiding product recalls. Let Tri-Mach design, fabricate and install equipment for your nutraceutical facility to ensure the highest quality product for your customers.

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Processing within the pharmaceutical industry requires the highest accuracy and regulatory knowledge to ensure each final product is safe for consumers. Designing solutions that prevent cross-contamination and the introduction of foreign particles is always top of mind when producing equipment for this industry.

For maximum safety and quality, trust Tri-Mach.

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The varying shapes and sizes of seafood products, combined with the delicate handling required to process them make them challenging for most processors to navigate. However, with Tri-Mach’s expertly designed custom solutions for the seafood industry, we can make seafood processing safer and more efficient.

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Pet Food

With 30 years of experience, Tri-Mach is your one-stop solution provider for all your pet food processing or packaging needs. Our Ever-Kleen® products are custom-built to offer maximum protection in food safety, meeting the highest sanitary standards and improving your line’s efficiency.

Keep your customers’ furry friends safe with Tri-Mach’s custom, sanitary solutions.

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Vertical Farming

Operations within vertical farming can be highly efficient and precise. Our customized automation solutions make it simple to transfer, shift, and process products throughout your farm with ease. Our experienced team will work with you to custom design, craft, install, and operate your vertical farming system in no time.

For maximum control over your crops, trust Tri-Mach’s sanitary solutions to provide your farm with the best care possible.

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