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Last week, Tri-Mach’s Manufacturing Headquarters welcomed MP Pierre Poilievre, whose commitment to the growth and development of skilled trades in Canada has been instrumental in shaping our industry. We are grateful for the Conservative Party’s support towards Tri-Mach Group (TMG) which has enabled us to further grow and develop our skilled tradespeople.

We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to showcase our operations and demonstrate the impact our solutions have on getting food, medicine, and other essentials into the hands of Canadians. The work our team completes daily is not just about business growth, but also about supporting these vital sectors that touch the lives of every Canadian.

Pierre Poilievre Shaking Hands with Tri-Mach Group's Millwrights and Fabricators


During his visit, Mr. Poilievre embarked on a tour of our state of the art, non-ferrous manufacturing facility. This offered insight to the scale at which TMG operates, delivering state-of-the-art automated sanitary solutions across the continent. Engaging in a hands-on demonstration, he learnt how to grind down a weld with the guidance of our team. His visit concluded with a speech to our team where he outlined his plans for future investments into the skilled trades industries, followed by photos and discussions with our team members.

Pierre Poilievre Grinding Down a Weld in Tri-Mach's Non-Ferrous Facility

About Tri-Mach Group

TMG is a collection of industry-leading skilled trade companies, Tri-Mach, Advance Millwrights, and Industrial Contracting Solutions, specializing in manufacturing advanced equipment and trades solutions to essential industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and agriculture. With over 35 years of industry experience, we are trusted by the largest processors across North America to enhance and maintain their material handling operations. For more information, visit

Pierre Poilevre Posing with Tri-Mach Group CEO, Krystal Darling

On behalf of our team, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to MP Pierre Poilievre for his unwavering support and belief in our mission.

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