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Matt and Steve’s is a food manufacturer based out of Mississauga, Ontario, most known for their ‘Extreme Bean’ Caesar garnish. Their unique product line of all-natural pickled beans, asparagus, olives, and more, are popular across North America as not only a drink garnish but also used in recipes and eaten right out of the jar. Due to their success in recent years, the company has moved into a new facility with a production area approximately four times larger than their previous facility, to allow them to keep up with the high demand. The new facility was constructed with sanitation and efficiency being the top priorities, making Tri-Mach the obvious choice for any production line enhancements needed.

Matt and Steve’s reached out to Tri-Mach to find a method to better stage their production line in order to improve their current manual process. The solution resulted in a fully integrated conveyor line that transports fresh produce through the entire preparation process from cleaning, to sorting, pickling, and bottling.

Since Matt and Steve’s uses fresh produce, they only has seven days from arrival to packaging to ensure the product remains fresh. Because of this time constraint, the facility’s operations had to function in one smooth and sanitary process, ensuring all product is cared for with the highest precautions.

With Tri-Mach’s new production line, all products are now automatically transported along each stage of the preparation process. With these improvements in place, efficiency has increased exponentially over their previous operation, and production volume has the capacity to increase up to three times.

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