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Design Engineering

AutoCAD Drawings and In-House Engineering Services

For design flexibility CAD drawings are provided by Tri-Mach Group. Separate drawings suitable for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency showing product flow, employee movement, plant setup and welfare areas are provided. CAD versatility allows for changes to consider a variety of planning options.

  • CAD Plotting & Blueprinting
  • Equipment Design
  • Line Layouts
  • Project Management

Project Planning

Preliminary consultations are setup to define project needs. Tri-Mach Group brings the needed experience to assist you and avoid hidden costs. This facilitates a smooth transition from project conceptualization to finished product.

On our customer’s behalf, we handle Application for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s approval and permits or inspections required by other agencies.

Project Management

Tri-Mach Group undertakes complete project supervision ensuring a proper sequence of operation and trade coordination while monitoring costs. After completion, we oversee start-up, training of plant employees and troubleshooting when required. Working closely with only one responsible Tri-Mach Group representative simplifies your involvement with a project.