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The only vinegar company in Canada, Reinhart Foods has a longstanding history that reaches back to the First World War. Today, its non-unionized vinegar production facilities are among the most modern and technologically advanced in North America. Alongside its vinegar products, Reinhart also produces a variety of baking essentials including coconut, maraschino cherries, glace fruit, pie fillings, raisins, dates, and mincemeat.

In August 2016, Tri-Mach submitted its proposal for turnkey services and building modifications and enhancements at Reinhart’s production facility in Stayner, ON – located 145 kilometers north of Toronto. The site houses production facilities for all product lines and includes a warehouse.

Equipment services for the project included:

  • Design, fabrication, and installation of 40” x 42” x 36” stainless steel, continuously welded manual unloading table, and manual pack-off table
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of a can filler/seamer and can rinser
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of positive displacement pump conveyors
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of three stainless steel fermentation tanks – one raw tank and one brite tank
  • Installation of one 0.2 Micron Filter, two 25 Micron Filters, and two heat exchangers
  • Installation of a chiller, transfer pump, portable CIP system, transfer lines and process piping

The building modifications were quite extensive and included:

  • Electrical enhancements to include power distribution equipment, engineering, controls and programming, general lighting, and general receptacles in the production and welfare areas
  • Installation of structural steel
  • Installation and sealing of approximately 45 sprinkler drops into new ceilings and partitions
  • Removal of existing concrete floor in production and washroom areas, add fill and compact
  • Excavation and pouring of an exterior pad for the make-up air unit
  • Backfill and level off part of the sloped portion of the current dock
  • Pour and smooth new floors in mentioned areas including slope drains
  • Installation of insulated ceiling panels in production, welfare, and boiler room areas
  • Installation of sectional overhead doors with galvanized hardware and top-mounted power actuator with wall-mounted control
  • Resurfacing of 3,941 square feet of flooring using a polyurethane mortar system designed for food and beverage
  • Installation of new floor drains in production area and washrooms including an electric hot water heater with a mixing valve, required fixtures, recirculating pump, portable expansion tank, and a pipe running from the new area to the current septic system
  • Installation of Keeprite 7.5 ton outdoor remote condensing unit with two matching air defrost indoor evaporator coils to allow a non-production temperature of 6 degrees celsius – this includes refrigeration piping and condensate drains
  • Installation of make-up and pressurized system including sheet metal system with external foil back insulation

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