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In partnership with ACIC Pharmaceutical Machinery, Tri Mach has developed a world-class IV bag production line, integrating all OEM equipment from form-fill-sealing to case-packaging.

This project not only tested Tri-Mach’s design and build capabilities but also highlights the use of new integration technologies, such as high-speed diverters and merges, 90-degree orientation transfers, and 180-degree spiral flipping conveyors. In addition to all of these systems, Tri-Mach has developed and designed a particulate matter inspection booth for visual inspection of foreign materials. Despite the complexities and size of this project, Tri-Mach has not only met but exceeded customer requirements and expectations.

According to the FDA, after Hurricane Maria, there has been a significant shortage of IV bags in North America and Tri-Mach is proud to promote the production of this new IV bag line and be a part of the solution to the tight product supply. The Tri-Mach team is excited to make an impact in the pharmaceutical industry and to take part in such an innovative project.