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Tradition Fine Foods Ltd. is a market leader in thaw and sell baking technology. They develop and produce high-quality sweet goods including thaw and sell, proof and bake, and freezer-to-oven frozen products. In need of a full line conveyor system for a packaging room expansion in the fall of 2013, Tradition Fine Foods turned to Tri-Mach.

Our design team provided a customized seven-conveyor solution which included the following features:

  • Delivery of product from the discharge freezer
  • Provision of integrated quality control inspection stands
  • Product separation
  • Double-tier pack-off
  • Integration with existing conveyor systems and equipment
  • Central control panel with HMI design and integration
  • PLC programming for 10 recipes

In keeping with Tradition Fine Foods’ Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 (GFSI recognized) certification, all conveyors were designed and manufactured with Tri-Mach’s industry-leading Ever-Kleen® technology.

Flexibility was key in the design of the packaging room expansion. Tradition Fine Foods produces a large range of products, from refrigerated dough to delicate pastries and croissants, and the system was designed to ensure minimal product skewing across the large range of items produced by the company. The system also provides the ability to easily switch between bulk scale packing and manual hand-packing requirements of the specific product. Faced with space limitations, Tri-Mach worked alongside Tradition Fine Foods at every stage to maximize the efficiency of the system. An accumulation spiral was added to the design to further economize floor space. Looking to the future, the design also included the potential for the integration of additional automation technology.

After a successful Factory Approval Test, Tri-Mach delivered the complete system and provided all mechanical and electrical installation services for the project. The installation included the seamless integration of existing machinery and conveyors to ensure full on-site system functionality. One week of onsite commissioning and training was also provided.

Tradition Fine Foods takes pride in their world-class facilities and Tri-Mach was pleased to provide a complete solution for their packaging room expansion project. The end result is a well-designed, efficient system that will serve Tradition Fine Foods Ltd. for many years to come.