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What is Capacity Optimization?

Capacity optimization focuses on getting the most out of your current operations while maintaining or even reducing your current production footprint. Optimizing capacity efficiently and effectively disturbs your energy, production, and output levels, to maximize your unique operating potential. In short, optimizing capacity is doing more with less. More production, more innovation, more sustainability, more everything, while maintaining space, costs, and environmental impact.

Rather than looking to expand or improve an operation by adding additional manufacturing facilities, refining your current practices can expose potential areas for improvement. These identified areas, no matter how small, can lead to big changes and improvements. Specifically, leading to decreased lead times, reduced product loss, and risk reduction which all remarkably improve operational capabilities.

Why Focus on Improving Capacity?

No two operations function the exact same. Layouts, space, and equipment all affect your capacity optimization. Getting the most out of your operation often requires an external expert to offer a new perspective. There are many ways to improve capacity with layout organization.

Some of the most popular optimization strategies include creating additional lines with your current footprint, modifying a current process to take up less space, or simply stacking a process to expand vertical. As trends and demands change, operations need to be altered to better fit new market requirements. New custom equipment or altering and moving current equipment can provide a better process within your current work area.

Sustainability practices are no longer simply a trend in the manufacturing industry, but rather a requirement. As you grow your operation, it is important to remain conscious of your carbon footprint levels and prioritize the planet. Focusing on maximizing your operational capacity will drastically reduce your carbon footprint to assist in achieving your green goals.

The Tri-Mach Advantage

At Tri-Mach, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customer’s needs. Our team of HACCP-certified experts evaluate, analyze, and propose improvements to your operations, without compromising the sanitary levels of your product. Whether you require new custom equipment to make better use of your work area or need millwright services to retool your current equipment, our experts have the experience to elevate your process.

With our latest Green-KleenTM offering, our experts have been trained in best sustainability practices to prioritize environmentally friendly solutions. Our team of experts confidently deliver solutions that lead to decreased maintenance replacements, downtime, and product damage costs, all well helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Ready to improve your operational capacity and your green initiatives? Reach out to one of our sustainability experts and get started today: