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Vegetable food producer Twin City Foods is recently announced plans to expand their already sizable plant in Pasco, Washington. Although the company hasn’t physically started building the new addition, plans are underway and they hope to have it finished by this June. This may be wishful thinking considering the size and logistics of the project, but June is the current goal of completion which they are striving for.

So, what’s the purpose of Twin City Food’s new addition to their Pasco plant? The company has grown significantly in the past few years. Accompanied with a rising demand by consumers and clients, Twin City Foods sis simply running out storage space. Thankfully, however, this new addition to their Pasco plant is aimed to fix this problem by opening up a whopping 32,000 feet of space. There won’t be any new conveyers or line workers in the new expansion, but instead it will be dedicated strictly for storage.

Twin City Foods has been in the vegetable manufacturing and packaging business for over 60 years. They are a private label processor who harvests and packages their own food products. One of the reasons why they’ve become so popular is their emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, which is something that can’t be said for many food manufacturers these days. According to their website, “Twin City Foods grows and processes, both conventionally and organically, the Five major Northern vegetables: Green Peas, Sweet Corn, Carrots, Green Beans, and Baby Lima Beans.”

Twin City Food’s new addition to the Pasco plant will only be a single-story building that’s nestled alongside the north-end of the plant. The 32,000 square foot addition is estimated to cost around $1.75 million, which is no small pocket change even for a company the size of Twin City Foods. However, you have to remember that the additional storage space will open up a new world of business possibilities for the company and hopefully allow them to run more efficiently. It may take some time before they are able to recoup the $1.75 million, but Twin City Foods seems to be doing the right thing by looking towards the future.

Currently, Twin City Foods has around half a dozen manufacturing plants throughout the country, all of which are currently active. With that said, they are only planning to add on to the plant in Pasco, Washington. The other plants will remain in their current working stage until further news by company officials is given out.

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