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Sysco Distribution Center Planned For Woodstock

Woodstock, Ontario is set to be the future location for a new Sysco distribution center planned to encompass nearly half a million square feet. Although no deals have been finalized, market president of Sysco Canada-East Rodney Stroud stated “Sysco Canada is pleased to be locating our newest facility in this region,” Stroud went on to say “This reinforces our commitment to be our Ontario customers most valued and trusted business partner. We are excited about the location, the surface-roads infrastructure, and the ability to serve our current customers and grow our business from a state-of-the-art distribution center.”

It’s pretty clear that Sysco has all intentions on setting up a distribution center in the heart of Woodstock, Ontario which would employ anywhere between 150 to 200 people. According to reports, Sysco is set to purchase a vacant industrially-zoned area in the city for roughly $2.7 million. After acquiring the property, Sysco will build a freezer, packaging area, loading dock, warehouse and office space on about 400,000 square feet of property.

With over 400,000 Sysco is the largest food manufacturing company in North America. With such a strong business setting up a distribution center in Woodstock, you can bet the city will see some economic improvements. In fact, Jay Amer, president of Economic Developers Association of Canada, stated the Sysco distribution center would generate an additional $13 million annually.

Many people are left wondering why Sysco choose Woodstock, Ontario to set up a distribution center. Well, if you remember last year, Sysco tried to come to an agreement which would allow them to build a new center in London. However, board members quickly shot down this idea and the food manufacturing giant was back to the drawing board. According to London officials, they continued to work with Sysco on finding an alternative location but were unable to come to an agreement.

Apparently, London officials turned rejected the idea of a new Sysco distribution center after staff members warned of the $736,000 cost of preparing the land. Given the long-term impact of the new distribution center, that money seems like a smart investment that would have definitely paid off in the end.

Last year, Sysco earnings reported the company made over $39 billion in revenue. Analysts seem to always keep a positive attitude towards the food manufacturing giant, as their numbers continue to grow each year. With this new distribution center, it’s likely we’ll see another surge in their productivity and overall revenue.

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