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Spooner’s New Line of Manufacturing Equipment Aimed To Reduce Waste

There’s no denying the fact that both consumers and manufacturers waste a portion of food. In fact, statistics released by the government state that Americans throw away roughly 40% of their food, which equals out to about 25% of all the freshwater we consume, 4% of the oil and over $165 billion in manufacturing, packaging and shipping expenses. In an effort to reduce these staggering numbers, food manufacturer Spooner has been working on several state-of-the-art designs that are intended to greatly reduce the amount of excess food that’s discarded or ruined during the manufacturing process. To learn more about what they are doing, keep reading and we’ll take a look at some of their innovative new products.

One of Spooners most notable items is their line of energy-efficient baking ovens. Unlike traditional food ovens that require a worker to manually adjust the temperature between cooks, Spooner ovens have an automatic temperature changing system. When the batch of current food is done cooking, it will lower the temperature while the food comes out. Once the next batch is in, the oven automatic raises the temperature to the proper setting. This not only saves on energy costs, but it also saves times as well.

Something else that’s important to note is that Spooner ovens feature an adjustable air system that allows for more versatility and control over the baking characteristics. Instead of a baking using a traditional convection heat method that spreads evenly throughout, you can pinpoint which areas in the oven require greater amounts of heat, therefore cooking certain items at a higher internal temperature. Even though the heat can be manipulated to target certain areas, Spooner ovens cook extremely evenly and efficiently, making them a top choice by a number of manufacturing businesses.

Spooner ovens also contain optimized heat transfer rates and nozzle design, allowing the food to be cooked quietly and without losing heat. You see, the problem with a number of the other ovens is that they lose much of their heat during the process. It should go without saying that lost heat translates to greater energy costs and less profits. Spooner ovens are wise investment that are sure to pay off in the long run.

With headquarters based in West Yorkshire, Spooner has been in the food manufacturing and processing equipment business for over 70 years. Since that time, they’ve pioneered some of the most innovative products on the market, only one of which is their energy-efficient ovens.

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