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Red Vines Black Licorice Recalled

If you’re someone who enjoys an occasional black licorice treat, you may want to take notice of this. Recently, California health officials discovered an elevated level of lead in Red Vines black licorice. Although the authorities didn’t force a recall, the company responsible for producing Red Vines black licorice, American Licorice Company, went ahead and issued a voluntary recall. According to the company, this initiative was done to “keep Red Vines consumers as safe as possible.”


Which Products are Affected?

It’s important to note that only the 16-ounce bags of Red Vines black licorice are believed to be affected and as such, they are the only ones being recalled at this time. If you have bags that are a different size, chances are they’re safe to consume unless otherwise stated. In addition, the 16-ounce black licorice bags in question all have a “best by” date of February 4, 2013.

The 16-ounce bags of Red Vines black licorice were distributed throughout both California and several other states, so don’t assume you’re safe just because you don’t live in California. Check the black licorice bag and look for the “best by” date and the size.


How Serious is The Issue?

Lead poisoning is a serious issue that can cause illness, organ failure and brain damage in severe cases. In the past, food and even consumer products imported from China have tested positive for high-levels of lead. While most of these products are found and recalled immediately after being tested, some of them are able to slip through.

Children and pregnant women are most susceptible to the dangerous effects of lead poisoning. Typically, if you don’t fall into one of these categories, then you’ll probably be okay after consuming the lead-ridden black licorice. However, if you’re under the age 6 or pregnant and consumed the 16-ounce bags of Red Vines black licorice, it’s recommended that you seek professional medical help immediately.

California health officials say the Red Vines black licorice contained over twice the recommend lead limit for young children ages 5 and under. During these early years, children should only be exposed to 6 micrograms of lead per day. So, how much does the 16-ounce bags of Red Vines black licorice contain? Studies performed by the California health department revealed a troublesome 13.2 micrograms of lead. To make matters worse, those numbers are “per serving,” which means children could potentially be consuming much more than that.

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