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Pasteurization is taking a new direction thanks to the efforts of Diversified Technologies, Inc. Traditionally, pasteurization involved heating a food product to a point that inhibited the growth of dangerous microorganisms and then immediately cooling it. Although the product isn’t sterilized, the heat greatly reduces the number of pathogens present, therefore lowering the risk of food-borne illness.


About Diversified Technologies, Inc.

You might be surprised to hear that Diversified Technologies, Inc. is actually a computer hardware manufacturing company. Formed in 1971, they are responsible for creating the IBM compatible board-slot computer. Over the years, they Diversified Technologies, Inc. has ventured into several other technology sectors, including radar, military defense, and of course food processing.


PEF Pasteurization System

Diversified Technologies, Inc. unveiled their PEF (pulsed electric field) Pasteurization System which uses bursts of electricity to pasteurize a food product. Unlike other methods, The PEF Pasteurization System uses no chemicals or altering of the temperature to pasteurize a food product. Instead, the food is placed into a chamber of the machine where it receives short bursts of high-voltage electricity. While this eliminates dangerous pathogens and microorganisms lingering inside the food product, it does not affect the flavor or texture.

Diversified Technologies, Inc. claims their PEF Pasteurization System uses less electricity than traditional methods. The model that’s currently available on the market allows the user to adjust the power from 150 kW to 750 kW.

If you’re interested in a PEF Pasteurization System, you must contact Diversified Technologies, Inc. for a custom price quote. The average price for one of their systems is running roughly $250,000, so it’s a pretty serious investment to consider. However, positive reviews and praise are going around the PEF Pasteurization System.


Other Pasteurization Methods

Diversified Technologies, Inc. isn’t the only company stepping up to the plate with new and innovative ways to pasteurize food. Specialty Food Ingredients recently invented a flash steam vacuum process used for nuts and seeds. One of the advantages with this process is that it’s able to pasteurize solid foods. The PEF Pasteurization System is currently only available for use on liquid foods, such as yogurt, milk and other dairy products. Although, this flash steam vacuum process has the ability to pasteurize solid foods.

As you can see, the game is changing in the pasteurization industry. With new methods being invented each year, who knows what the future holds for the food manufacturing industry.


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