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Monosol Releases Vivos Edible Film

There’s no denying the fact that we live in an age where people are constantly on the go. Whether it’s rushing to get to work on time, doing errands or feeding the kids, it seems like we don’t have any free time left in the day for ourselves. One of the ways people have began to free up time is by consuming fast food and ready-to-eat food products. Monosol realized this problem and set out to create a convenient solution that’s intended to cut back on the time it takes us to prepare certain foods. The Vivos Edible Delivery Systems allows the individual to consume the film along with the food product; therefore, cutting back on preparation time. If you’re interested in learning more about this new invention, keep reading and we’ll give a more in-depth explanation as to how it works.


About Vivos Edible Film

The Vivos Edible Delivery Systems works by wrapping a food product in an edible film that dissolves when it’s exposed to either hot or cold water. This allows individuals to consume the food product without having to take the wrapper off and dispose of it. Just place the packet in a bowl, add water and enjoy. Some consumers may be worried about an unpleasant taste produced after the edible film is dissolved, but thankfully this doesn’t occur. The Vivos Edible Delivery Systems is completely odorless and tasteless. The only thing you’ll be tasting after dissolving the edible film is the food it’s protecting inside.


Foods For The Vivos Edible Delivery Systems

So, just what types of food products can you find available in the Vivos Edible Delivery Systems? Although the edible film is still new, it’s intended for things such as oatmeal, pastas, soups, hot chocolates, teas, coffee and cooking sauces just to name as few. As the product grows and expands into some of the food industry sectors, analysts believe its uses could be unlimited.


Vivos Film Protection

The Vivos Edible Delivery Systems creates an impenetrable barrier that offers a protective layer for food products. This is essential to keep food from spoiling or becoming contaminated with bacteria and pathogens capable of producing food-borne illness. One of the most influential factors that contributes to the spoiling of food is oxygen. The Vivos Edible Delivery Systems creates a barrier that keeps food from being exposed to oxygen; therefore, increasing its shelf live and longevity.

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