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Malt Products Inc. is already one of Ohio’s largest manufacturers of all-natural sweeteners, but the company is now planning to double their footing in the midwestern state. Although there’s no specific time frame for the completion of their expansion in Ohio, analysts are predicting it will take several years to complete the job. In any case, though, it’s sure to open up dozens of new jobs for Ohio citizens and bring in a hefty amount of tax revenue for the state. To learn more about this expansion, keep reading.

So, just what exactly does Malt Products Inc. produce? Along with a variety of natural sweeteners, one of their most common products is molasses, which is used for cooking and baking. Essentially, molasses is made from beating sugarcane or sugar beets until a thick, syrup-like substance is created. This stuff, known as molasses, is used in a wide variety of dishes, such as cookies, cakes and general cooking. Some people even use it as a home remedy to cure a number of aliments.

Malt Products Inc. will likely continue their production of molasses and other natural sweeteners at their new manufacturing plant in Dayton, Ohio. The plant will be roughly 50,000 square feet in size with a suggested cost of $26 million. While that may seem like a steep amount for a 50,000 square foot plant, you have to factor in all of the expensive equipment it includes. Creating molasses and other sweetener products requires some high-grade mixing equipment.

In addition to molasses and other sweeteners, the new factory will also make organic syrup from rice, barley, oats and wheat. Malt Products Inc. has remained on the forefront of producing alternative healthy sweeteners and syrups, and they’ll likely continue this tradition with their new plant. Giving consumers an all-natural, organic alternative to pure sugar syrup is not a good business move, but it gives them a healthy way to sweeten their food products.

We can only speculate on how many new jobs will be created will then Dayton plant is finally up and running, but a worker for Malt Products Inc. recently said that it will produce between 30-50 jobs. With that said, construction for the plant isn’t scheduled until spring of 2013, so it’s going to take some time before we see these jobs open up to the citizens of Ohio. In any case, keep your eyes out for the new Malt Products Inc. plant in Dayton.



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