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Built with Ever-Kleen® TechnologyFood processors of ready-to-eat (RTE) products implement a daily cleaning and sanitation procedure for their conveyance systems. Typically, RTE food processors assign four to six hours per day for the sanitation crew to properly clean and sanitize the equipment. Traditional conveyor systems built without sanitary consideration become too time consuming for the sanitation crew to clean properly. The end result is either, a conveyance system that is not adequately cleaned and a potential food safety risk or loss of production time required to complete the clean.

Food Safety  101 - Conveyor Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures
Ever-Kleen® Conveyor System fully assembled

The Ever-Kleen® Conveyor System from Tri-Mach Group Inc. is designed for easy cleaning and sanitation. Our sanitary conveyor design provides key features to allow the sanitation crew to complete the proper cleaning and sanitation in less amount of time.

A typical Ever-Kleen® Conveyor System daily cleaning procedure starts with a dry pick up and removal of any large solids from the conveyor that may be trapped between side guides and the belting or lodged into the conveyor frame. Once the solids have been removed, the idler end of the conveyor can be manually flipped

Food Safety 101 - Conveyor Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures
Idler end flips up to release belt tension for easy access to remove, clean and sanitize internal components.

up to release the belt tension and allow for easy access to remove all carry way supports, return way rollers, and idler rollers without tools. All the removed components can be placed in a Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Immersion Parts Washing tank or cleaned on a parts cart. The exterior and interior of the stainless steel frame is easily accessible to be washed & rinsed and cleaning the top side & underside of the belting is made simple. Finally, replace all the components that are now clean, ensure that the belting is engaged and that the idler end is flipped back down and perform a visual inspection of all surfaces to ensure that sanitation is complete.

Tri-Mach Group Inc. and their dedication to sanitary conveyor design over the past 29 years, provide RTE food processors and their sanitation crews the tools they need to operate efficiently, properly clean and stay on schedule.