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Campbell’s celebrates 85th anniversary

From Food In Canada

Campbell Company of Canada celebrated its 85th anniversary with an event in Toronto on Nov. 16, appropriately held at the Andy Warhol: Revisited exhibit at the Revolver Gallery.

The president of Campbell Company of Canada, Ana Dominguez, was on hand to celebrate both the past and the future of the company. “We’re proud to have been making great-tasting, quality soups on Birmingham Street in west-end Toronto since 1930,” says Dominguez. “A huge part of our success is the longstanding relationships we have built with the people who grow our ingredients, and that includes generations of farmers in the farming communities surrounding Toronto.”

According to a Campbell Canada media release, from a local standpoint, the company sources 70 per cent of the vegetable ingredients used in its soups (by weight) from local farms from within 300 km of its Toronto plant.

Dominguez also discussed the importance of Campbell Canada’s new website, “Through this platform, we will engage in a meaningful dialogue with our consumers, and provide answers to their most pressing questions,” she says. “This is a serious commitment. We will be open and honest about what goes in our food, how we make our food and the choices behind the ingredients we use.”

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