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Apple Slices Recalled From Fast Food Chains

In recent years, McDonald’s, Burger King and many other fast food restaurants have been focusing on providing healthier alternatives in their kid’s meals. Instead of forcing children to consume high-calorie, high-fat french fries, they could opt for either red or green apple slices. The companies did some initial testing at first to see how customers responded. After mostly positive reviews and comments, the fast food companies continued to sell them. However, recently the company responsible for packaging and selling the apple slices, Ready Pac Foods Inc., issued a voluntary recall, stating they could potentially be contaminated with Listeria.

To put into perspective just how massive this recall was, Ready Pac Foods Inc. has already recalled 293,488 cases and 296,224 individual units from 36 different states. In addition to the apples being packaged in Happy Meals and other kid’s meals, they were also sold on the shelves of grocery stores. Thankfully, Ready Pac Foods Inc. has identified the foods at risk for contamination and recalled them in a timely manner.

Some of the apple slices at risk for contamination include those sold at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wawa Apple Slices, Wawa Apple Slices and Peanut Butter Dip, Wegman’s Apple Slices and Ready Snax Apples, Granola and Yogurt. If you purchased any of these items, contact the manufacturer immediately to determine if it’s at risk of being contaminated.

As of now, there are no known reports of listeria linked to the Ready Pac Foods Inc. apple slices. The company hopes to keep this number to zero with their swift and effective recall. It’s important to note that the contamination didn’t occur in the food itself but rather on the equipment. According to Ready Pac Foods Inc., some of their equipment had tested positive for Listeria, so the company took it upon themselves to issue a voluntary recall of their apple slices.

When an individual is exposed to the bacteria strand listeria, they may develop an internal infection known as listeriosis, which can cause fevers, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, headaches and convulsions. Typically, antibiotics such as Ampicillin is used to eliminate the infection.

Making sure that your manufacturing equipment is clean needs to be a top priority for every company out there. As you can see, contamination does occur, and it can certainly cripple the infrastructure and day-to-day activities of even large food manufacturers. If you work on the line or for a company, take the time to ensure your equipment gets cleaned properly and with the right chemicals.

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