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Tri-Mach completed the design and commissioning of the new Institute of Food Processing Technology (IFPT) Pilot Plant at Conestoga College. The pilot plant is used to train food processing employees, operators, and supervisors. The pilot plant is complemented by in-class training, a quality assurance testing laboratory, and mechanical and electrical maintenance shops. During training, and after program completion, students will be prepared to voice suggestions at their workplace, based on their experience at the IFPT pilot plant, and the equipment they were trained to operate.

Tri-Mach, in partnership with Conestoga College, installed three processing lines for baking, vegetable, and liquid processing applications. This project included the installation of piping, air, steam, plumbing, electrical, and over ninety pieces of food processing equipment. It also features a comprehensive CIP/COP system.

State-of-the-art processing equipment was supplied by major food manufacturing equipment suppliers including Multi-Vac, Vemag, Multi-pond, Nilma, Kronen, PFM, Qualtech, Freeze Co, Steam Specialties, and of course Tri-Mach’s very own Ever-Kleen® Conveyor Systems.