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When Vaughan-based granola bar manufacturer Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. was experiencing issues with the cleanliness and efficiency of their current conveyor equipment, they turned to Tri-Mach for a solution. Due to the company’s strict health guidelines, Riverside conducted regular deep cleaning of their processing equipment to ensure the safety of their products. This proved to be an issue for their Asian-manufactured conveyors, taking them up to nine hours to completely disassemble and clean each component.

Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. heard about the Tri-Mach brand through tradeshows and other food producers, they began to learn the benefits of the Ever-Kleen® technology. After hearing the details of Tri-Mach’s proposed solution, Riverside was greatly impressed with the quick conveyor disassembly, the sanitary design, the build quality, not to mention the fact all conveyors could be custom-built to be integrated into their existing processing lines.

With the addition of three SL-2 incline conveyors to their operation, Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. is now able to disassemble their conveyors within a matter of minutes, decreasing downtime and increasing production.