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You Can Now Buy Cans Of Hot Coffee


While mobile ordering hopes to cut down on lines and wait time, Hotshot Coffee has presented a new solution: “Grab and Go” premium hot coffee that comes in an aluminum can.

Canned beverages seem to be somewhat of a trend, beginning with drinks like wine in a can and Air, an alcoholic refresher. But both of these beverages are meant to be consumed after being refrigerated, or at least drank at room temperature — not piping hot like Hotshot’s canned coffee. Hotshot is ready to launch in the U.S. after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and a well-received appearance on Shark Tank. The founder of the company got his idea from a similar product that’s been a staple in Japan for years, and has adapted Hotshot to American tastes and standards.

So how does it work? The cans used are made from 70% recycled material, and the labels on each one actually serve as insulation to keep your drink hot. To heat up your coffee, you’ll need the custom designed “Hot Box,” a kind of hot-fridge lunch box, which will heat your coffee to 140 degrees. It takes an hour and a half for the coffee to get to this temperature, so you’re supposed to always keep the Hot Box full at it’s nine-can capacity.

Several different varieties of Hotshot drinks are available for pre-order, including French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, and Caramel Frappe, as well as black coffee and espresso.

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