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Vancouver company patents first 100% biodegradable coffee pod

From CTV Vancouver

A made-in-Vancouver invention is offering a solution to a potential environmental disaster.

The K-Cup is the world’s most popular single-serve coffee container and it is estimated 10 billion of the single-serve coffee pods are thrown into North American landfills every year. Now, a Vancouver entrepreneur has created the G-Kup to combat that problem. He says it’s the world’s first 100 per cent biodegradable and compostable solution.

The G-Kup is made of a sugar cane and bamboo sleeve with a biodegradable polymer lining that stands up to the heat of the brewing process.

“When you finish with the G-Kup and you throw them in here, we’ve seen complete degradation within 30 days. If you came back in two weeks, you wouldn’t see the cup or the lid.” said Darren Footz, G-Kup Coffee CEO.

Compare that to the ubiquitous K-Cup that could take thousands of years to break down.

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