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Video: A U.S. audit of Canada’s food safety system found some major flaws. Despite some major recalls in recent years, Canada is still not meeting stringent safety standards when it comes to meat inspection. Vassy Kapelos reports

The CFIA was given an “adequate” rating, the lowest of three scores that are allotted to countries eligible to export food to the United States. The results come from several on-site inspections conducted at slaughtering, ready-to-eat (RTE) and egg processing facilities in the Fall of 2012.

Some food safety issues identified in the report include:

  • Grease spots on conveyor belts
  • Flaking paint and rust on overhead pipes
  • Pieces of meat and fat in wall crevices
  • Dusty trays under ventilators

This report could greatly impact Canada’s exports and has brought concerns to North American consumers. Meat processing is the largest component of Canada’s food processing industry and it represents 10 percent of Canada’s agri-food exports.  Canadian meat processors are now responsible to address the food safety issues identified in the report to improve the national rating and regain consumer confidence.

With nearly 30 years experience, Tri-Mach Group Inc. has built a reputation as a leader in manufacturing food safe, sanitary equipment and best-in-class services for the meat processing industry.

Focused on food safety through innovation and high quality manufacturing, our Ever-Kleen® Conveyor Systems exceeds the highest standards in health and safety requirements. Our Ever-Kleen® Conveyor System features food safe elements such as bearing standoffs, no sandwich points, sanitary motors stood off of the conveyor frame and angled stainless steel framing to reduce harbourage areas and potential bacteria growth.

Built with Ever-Kleen® Technology

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Our Ever-Kleen® Conveyor Systems disassemble within minutes, without the use of tools, providing increased productivity and the highest level of food safety.

In addition, our certified millwrights and welders are noted for their high-quality and food safe practices installing sanitary process piping for meat processing facilities. Piping installations are completed using food safe materials appropriate for food manufacturing, preventing rust and paint from peeling or flaking – heightening food safety and sanitary regulations.

To date, our Ever-Kleen® Conveyor Systems and installation of sanitary process piping can be found in some of the top 10 Canadian food processor facilities who have already addressed potential food safety concerns before the release of the report; however, there are many Canadian meat processors who will have to follow their lead in order to improve Canada’s food safety rating.