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In their latest issue of INPACK, Premier Tech Chronos has officially announced their partnership with Tri-Mach Group. Below is a copy of the article.

New Partnership: Tri-Mach Group

Premier Tech Chronos officially announces its new partnership with the Tri-Mach Group, marking a milestone in expanding its food safety expertise. To celebrate the occasion, INPACK presents a portrait of a company that thinks big: the Tri-Mach Group.

Founded in North America 30 years ago, the Tri-Mach Group is a multi-trade, turnkey solutions provider for the food-processing, liquid processing, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and pet food industries. Tri-Mach has maintained its competitiveness over the years by creating personalized sanitary solutions for the challenges facing food industry players. These solutions are adapted to each client’s already existing infrastructure.

In the words of Tri-Mach’s senior management, “Our highly qualified mechanics, manufacturers and engineers are the backbone of the company. Their shared passion and proven talent are unquestionably why our team has grown over the years from three members to more than 90.”

Founded in 1985 by three machinists, Tri-Mach Group Machining & Fabrication Ltd. specialized in the manufacture of equipment for use in the food industry. In 2005, Mike Hahn became the President of Tri-Mach and, under his leadership, the company evolved into the Tri-Mach Group, a complete end-to-end solutions provider with electrical, millwrighting, steel fabrication, machining and design engineering divisions.

The year 2008 marked a significant step for the Group with the introduction of its revolutionary sanitary Ever-Kleen® conveyor system, a product line that provided food processors with the highest level of food safety and sanitary design. Over the years, the food-processing industry revised its standards and began looking for equipment adapted to the new sanitary standards. Suddenly, the Tri-Mach Group found itself in the spotlight.

For the past 30 years, Tri-Mach has continued to evolve while staying solidly rooted in firm values and a strong mission. With its focus on exceeding clients’ expectations, the Tri-Mach Group shares several elements in common with PTC: integrity, motivation, professionalism, positive attitude, commitment and teamwork.

Tim Dolan, Sales Director for Premier Tech Chronos, and Krystal Darling, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Tri-Mach Group.
Tim Dolan, Sales Director for Premier Tech Chronos, and Krystal Darling, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Tri-Mach Group.

This complementary vision explains the partnership between PTC and Tri-Mach. As Mike Hahn puts it, “PTC’s outstanding packaging solutions are a natural fit for the custom, high-quality experience we want to provide to all our customers. Their product offerings add another level of customization that we can pass on to clients, which translates to greater customer satisfaction and that, in turn, translates to greater success for both our companies.”

According to Tim Dolan, Sales Director at Premier Tech Chronos and one of the key players responsible for the partnership with the Tri-Mach Group, “PTC and Tri-Mach have formed a unique partnership that complements each other’s offering with robotic packaging solutions for the food industry while satisfying the requirements for sanitary and washdown applications in North America.”

With this new partnership, PTC’s expertise in packaging and end-of-line solutions will help Tri-Mach to provide even more comprehensive custom offerings to their clients as well as to capture new and exciting markets, leading to more sanitary, innovative processing operations across North America and beyond.

For PTC, the sanitary design expertise provided by Tri-Mach is a key element for food industry packaging. This partnership provides an opportunity for both companies to work together to develop more innovative products that are not only easier than ever to clean, but also that keep processors and consumers safe from dangerous foodborne illnesses.

On the occasion of Tri-Mach’s 30th anniversary, we asked Hahn how he sees the future of the company: “Growth, growth, growth! Our satisfied customer list continues to grow, so we’re excited to see an influx of new, talented Tri-Mach teammates in the coming months and years. We look forward to securing more work in the U.S. and continuing to explore more innovative ways of making sanitary, food-safe equipment for all types of processors.”

“We’re looking forward to the next 30 years to see how far we can push the limits of sanitary design and food-safe technology.”
— Krystal Darling


In addition to this exciting feature, you can also find Tri-Mach conveyors in the latest edition of PTC’s brochure. Visit page 4 here to see some of our Ever-Kleen® conveyors featured.