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Third time’s a charm as Sidel wins US IP protection on its spindle chain technology


Sidel has succeeded for the third time in protecting its intellectual property (IP) for its spindle chain technology and patent US 6,125,996, in the US.

Tim Bast, VP, Intellectual Property, Sidel, told FoodProductionDaily the firm closely monitors relevant markets and other players offering competing products.

Sidel has more 20 patents and over 50% of them focus on blow moulders including Sidel Matrix, Sidel StarLite, RightWeight and Predis.

It claims Predis is ‘the world’s first dry preform decontamination technology that remains one of the most pivotal advancements in sustainable PET packaging technology and safety’.

Bast added that the spindle chain technology is a critical part of all recent Sidel blow moulding machines, including the Sidel Matrix blower. It carries the preforms through the oven for efficient heating prior to blowing.

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