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The FDA is Reinventing Itself to Keep Your Food Safe

From FDA Voice

Last week, the FDA provided new details about the implementation of its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). To capture the updates, the FDA has provided a document for readers to view. It outlines current and upcoming changes to policies and procedures that will help reduce foodborne outbreaks and increase the public’s confidence in food safety measures.

With these updates, rolling out from now until 2016, the FDA will move to create a more integrated national food safety system, so municipal, state, and federal departments can share information more easily and comprehensively. There will also be a stronger focus on “on-the-ground” data from farms and state agriculture departments. More updates, changes, and details can be found in the full announcement.

Improving food safety doesn’t just affect the consumer; it also affects food producers. With a more integrated, comprehensive prevention system, the FSMA can positively influence industry efficiency. Less down-time, fewer recalls, and a more confident consumer base are all potential rewards – and a lowered risk of foodborne illness is something that will only get sweeter over time.

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