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The fancy fast-food burger market in Canada keeps growing

From the Guelph Mercury

The fast-food burger keeps getting more upmarket and expensive, and an analyst says that trend isn’t going away.

Last year, Canadians bought nearly 15 million burgers at an average price of $6.05, says Robert Carter of NPD Group, which represented a four per cent price increase compared to 2013. He notes growth in the burger business over the last five years has been dramatic, with “a lot of focus on the premium, high-end burgers with a lot of dialogue around the local and hormone-free and what I’ll call the ‘better-for-you-style’ burger.”

“Almost every restaurant now talks about hormone-free, or Canadian farmers, or antibiotic-free, or organic,” Carter says.

“It’s catering to the consumer demand to understand more about the foods that they’re eating, and that also leads into the perception of health and wellness.”

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