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Ten food trends unveiled at I.F.T. 2014

From Food Business News

Fears over food safety and food shortages are among top drivers in new product development, according to Innova Market Insights, market research firm based in Duiven, The Netherlands. A rise in home cooking, emerging superfood ingredients, and clean label concerns also are leading trends in food and beverage innovation.

Innova collected consumer insights and tracked global product introductions to identify the top ten industry trends in 2014:

  • Reducing food waste
  • Trust in suppliers and food safety
  • Preference towards less expensive foods
  • Small-scale innovation to keep companies nimble
  • Health consciousness and eating healthy
  • Superfoods
  • Hybrid products
  • Larger demand for high-protein foods
  • Lowering salt, sugar, and saturated fat, without dialing down flavour
  • Alternatives for those with dietary restrictions
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