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Steel to drive recyclability in packaging, says industry body


Ambitious recycling targets must be included in the impending European Circular Economy Package to drive a cultural change in the way products are manufactured, used and recycled.

That’s the key message from the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (Apeal) ahead of the European Commission’s announcement this week. The long-awaited package is designed to encourage an EU-wide drive towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly economic system, which preserves diminishing natural resources.

Steel’s inherent magnetic properties and the fact it recycles forever with no loss of quality makes it the perfect permanent material to drive change, Apeal said, but it insisted that robust recycling targets must be at the heart of the Circular Economy Package in order to generate the necessary momentum to bring about the cultural change that is required.

Recent figures show that recycling rates for steel are above 75% in many European countries, as high as 90% in markets such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and approaching the 75% mark in other countries.

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