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Tri-Mach Group Inc. is proud to introduce our new Ever-Kleen® Platform.

As a recognized leader in sanitary equipment design, Tri-Mach is setting a new standard in Platform design. The Ever-Kleen® Platform is designed to address and solve employee and food safety concerns. Our Ever-Kleen® Platform allows for easy sanitation maintenance and is manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship that not only meet but exceeds CFIA standards and food safety directives. Our platforms are built and manufactured using stainless steel for optimal sanitary construction. They are free of enclosed areas eliminating any harbourage points preventing bacteria growth. The Ever-Kleen® Platforms are also built with raised decking, pitched to a central drainage system to insure no excess liquid is allowed to pool along the platform edges.

Our Ever-Kleen® Platforms can be utilized for a wide array of applications such as multi-head scale systems, equipment storage, catwalks, and production line walk-over platforms. The platforms can also be incorporated with existing or brand new production lines to best suit your requirements.

Technical Specifications
• 304 or 316 stainless steel construction standard
• 6 x 6 x ¼ ” stainless steel structural frame optional l-beam design available
• ¼” formed checker plate decking
• Continuous sanitary welds
• Meets and exceeds Canadian and Ontario building codes
• 5:1 Safe workload ratio
• Drip pans under stairs available

About Tri-Mach Group Inc.:

Tri-Mach Group Inc. is a full service, multi-trade solution provider for all your facility upgrade and integration needs. We have become an industry leader in the food, beverage and personal health care sectors and continue to strive to create industry standards in excellence and innovation.

Krystal Darling, Sales & Marketing Manager
Tri-Mach Group Inc.