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Employee safety is of utmost importance during this time, especially for essential employees risking their health to provide our crucial products and services.  Tri-Mach Group’s PPE Barriers will provide a protective shield for your employees, keeping them separated from customers or other employees. No matter what industry or application you are involved in, our barriers are fully customizable to fit your specific operation and can be created and installed by our experts in a matter of days.

With your choice of frame material or frameless option, and a clear Lexan shield which can include an opening for transactions, our PPE Barriers can be easily sanitized for maximum employee safety. From the customer-service industry to production facilities, these barriers will protect against airborne particles without compromising your current process. Some useful applications for the PPE Barrier include, but are not limited to:

  • Cashiers
  • Tellers
  • Production lines
  • Desk Clerks
  • Fabricators

To get started on installing your barrier today, contact and let us create the perfect PPE Barrier for your operation.