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Salmon shelf life extended by ultrahigh-pressure processing

From Food Processing Australia

Ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) processing of salmon flesh improves shelf life, a new study in the Journal of Food Science shows.

UHP does not require heat and preserves the quality of salmon flesh while allowing for an increase in the chilled storage period, the researchers say.

Researchers exposed salmon flesh to pressures of 200, 400 or 600 MPa – as well as a control with no UHP – then stored samples at 4°C and compared the quality after 30 days of storage.

They analysed the degree of changes in the interspacing of muscle bundles, colour, texture profiles (hardness, chewiness, cohesiveness and elasticity) and microbial growth. Pressures greater than 400 MPa improved the colour, hardness and chewiness of the flesh.

The researchers say these results suggest that UHP may be useful for preserving salmon flesh and could have applications in the salmon aquaculture and distribution industries.

The Journal of Food Science is published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

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