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RPC launches Modul milk bottle made from sugar cane

From Beverage Daily

Swedish dairy company Skånemejerier has partnered with RPC on its Modul bottle for non-homogenized milk, made from a non oil-based bio polymer produced from sugar cane. The company is also developing a feature, believed to be ‘a European first,’ to mix the polymer with a mineral filler, to reduce the amount of polymer needed for each bottle, enhancing its environmental profile.

Armina Nilsson, sustainability manager, Skånemejerier, said the one liter milk bottle is in response to a growing interest in the environment and sustainability, claiming consumers take a greater interest in the type of food they are buying, as well as the packaging.


Consumption in 2016 is an interesting blend of established and new trends with countertrends, which are challenging ways of living and buying. Global instability, “greenwashing” – insincere brand displays of concern for the environment – and financial hardship have more people becoming “changemakers” to create a better world.

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