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Retail-Ready Packaging on the Rise

From Food Production Daily

PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, condicted a study delving into the retail-ready packaging (RRP) market. Its work reveals the thoughts of food and beverage brand owners, equipment manufacturers, and retail leaders on drivers and opportunities in the market.

Paula Feldman, Director of Business Intelligence for PMMI, said population and economic growth furl demand for RRP, as a result of increased traffic and stock turnaround retailers much deal with.

“RRP enhances shelf appeal and supply chain efficiency, so retailers often see it as a must-have, and use their considerable leverage with manufacturers to make it happen. As they adjust their packaging requirements, manufacturers must continue to innovate to stay competitive.”

According to PMMI, supermarkets and big-box stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco are a big push behind the growth projected in RRP for the next year, especially Asia (6.2%) and Africa (4.7%). While developing markets saw a high rate of growth, the strongest RRP presence is in Europe (where the market is expected to grow about 1.3%), followed by North America (1.6%).

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