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Quebec Salad Grower Acquires Land in B.C. for $60M

From: Food in Canada

Sherrington, Que. – A fresh vegetable producer in Quebec has acquired 700 acres of land in B.C. to grow organic salad greens.

Quebec’s Vegpro International says in a statement on its website that it acquired the land from Coldstream Ranch of Coldstream, B.C.

It’s been reported in the media that Vegpro has invested $60 million in the venture.

The founder of Vegpro, Gerry Van Winden, says in the statement that the investment is a boon to Canadian consumers. “Today, most of the organic produce originates from the West Coast of the U.S.,” says Van Winden. “Growing local organic produce for Canadians is one of the main goals we are pursuing in establishing a presence in Coldstream.”

Vegpro says it also invested in Coldstream because of its “favourable climate, quality soils and proximity to a quality labour pool.”

The vertically integrated salad grower says it will likely begin operating in Coldstream in the spring or early summer of 2018. There will also be a 70,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art packing facility in Coldstream, which will create up to 200 jobs over the next three years.

In the statement, Jim Garlick, mayor of Coldstream, says the investment in the community “will bring significant economic benefits” to the town but also to the greater community of Vernon, B.C.

Vegpro is known for its FRESH Attitude brand and specializes in producing and packaging baby lettuces and crucifers. The company has fields in Quebec and in Florida.