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PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant Remediates Listeria Contamination in Shuttered Food Processing Facility

From MarketWired

A food processing plant (operated by a specialty food manufacturer, co-packer and private label resource company that produced organic, all-natural and gourmet foods) was closed in July 2014 after two food pathogen-related events resulting in voluntary product recalls. The plant and equipment had been previously cleaned and sanitized using traditional treatments prior to the initiation of the reconditioning plan — however two pieces of processing equipment and a drain were then found to still be positive for Listeria.

The decontamination treatment plan for the plant was developed in cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and included both PURE Hard Surface and PURE Hi-Foam and Multi-Purpose Cleaner. After completion of the remediation treatments which included multiple steps, including the application of the two PURE products, all 300 post treatment samples tested negative for Listeria. Post treatment sampling results (processed by independent third party Deibel Labs), showing all samples tested negative for Listeria, were provided to the FDA.

The FDA cleared both the equipment and the facility for food production. The building owner can now engage new food producers and return to online production. Citing the successful eradication of Listeria, the FDA issued a written release of the equipment and plant for manufacturing of FDA regulated products.

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