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Pepsi’s Stubborn Soda hits US shelves: heralding ‘the next generation of carbonated soft drinks’

From Beverage Daily

Building on a growing interest in premium and craft sodas, PepsiCo’s craft soda line, Stubborn Soda, has launched on shelves across the US.

The beverage comes in five ‘unexpected twists’ on traditional flavors: Black Cherry with Tarragon, Orange Hibiscus, Agave Vanilla Cream Soda, Classic Root Beer and Lemon Berry Acai.

Stubborn Soda was originally launched in select foodservice locations on fountain in 2015, and has now launched in major retailers nationwide.

Packaged in 12 oz (355ml) glass bottles, Stubborn Soda contains 90 to 100 calories and is sweetened with Fair Trade certified cane sugar and stevia. The sodas are made with natural flavors and without high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial sweeteners, and azo dyes.

Megan Gagnon, director, marketing, Stubborn Soda, said that only quality ingredients and flavors are used to ‘create the ultimate experience.’

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