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People are spending less on vets and more on food

From the Globe and Mail

All Good Dog Food Co. came out of nowhere. When I got my dog 3 1/2 years ago, he was like my child, so making dog food is so personal for me. When you are a new parent, you want to do what’s best for your children. He didn’t want to eat anything. He was suppose to eat eight cups a day and was eating maybe 1 1/2. I tried 11 types of kibble. So I called a bunch of my friends that are vets and asked what I can do. They said “Start cooking for your dog.” So that’s what I did. I didn’t cook for myself but I formulated a home-cooked diet for Dash.

It spun into a business. I was making the food in my spare time, which was zero, and once we hit six to seven dogs, we rented out a catering kitchen. Then we outgrew that just through word of mouth. When we got to 150 dogs, we opened up a brick-and-mortar [store]. Then we opened our own manufacturing facility, a high-end catering kitchen that only makes dog food.

People are spending less on vets and more on food. From an industry standpoint, people are more into preventative measures and doing more research into how they are feeding their dog, so we can slide right in and position ourselves in a way that hits this market. There are lots of people who home cook for their dog right now and question what’s in their kibble. Those are our customers.

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