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New agreement with U.S. is good news for cattle producers

From Food In Canada

A new agreement with the U.S. means Canadian cattle producers have better access to bovine genetics.

For Canadian cattle producers it means in-vitro fertilized (IVF) bovine embryos can enter Canada from the U.S., opening up new herd development opportunities. Previously only IVF bovine embryos produced within Canada were accessible to producers.

The CFIA explains that Canada and the U.S. have a strong bilateral trading relationship in bovine genetics, working together to increase North American bovine genetics competitiveness. To build on these important trade ties, this certificate represents the first agreement Canada has developed with another country to permit the sale of IVF bovine embryos within our market.

The science-based agreement negotiated by the CFIA and the U.S. supports trade while maintaining Canada’s strict animal health requirements.

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