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MULTIVAC Optimised Procedure for Manufacturing

From Packaging Europe

In the food industry, vacuum skin packs not only guarantee perfect hygiene and maximum shelf life, but are also popular because of the appetizing manner in which they display the products. The new MULTIVAC R 575 MF PRO thermoforming packaging machine can now produce skin packs of the highest quality for products with heights of up to 90 mm.

The MULTIVAC R 575 MF PRO thermoforming packaging machine has been optimized for packaging high products. Unlike standard thermoforming packaging machines for the production of skin packaging, an upper web forming station has also been integrated into this model. It forms the upper web before it is conveyed to the sealing die. The thermoformed film is heated again, in the dome of the sealing die, before it is placed around the goods to be packaged. This intermediate step increases the process reliability of the skin packaging procedure.

This innovative process ensures that the upper web in the sealing die already has the shape of the product to be packaged. The additional heating makes the film malleable enough to fit, snugly and smoothly, around the packaged goods and ensures optimal sealing of the upper and lower web. This optimized procedure is particularly suited for products that are very high, as the upper web in the sealing die has to cover a longer path during packaging.

The thermoforming packaging technology of the R 575 MF PRO is also superior to tray packaging of tall goods from an economic perspective: film from a roll significantly reduces the cost of the packaging material and reduces the effort involved in handling and storage. Due to its higher cycle output, the thermoforming packaging procedure in the production of vacuum skin packaging is substantially more efficient than the tray packaging procedure. In thermoforming packaging, the pack design can also be easily adapted to the individual requirements of the customer.

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