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Michael Harris Visits Tri-Mach Group

On Wednesday, May 14, Conservative Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris visited the Tri-Mach Group headquarters to discuss abolishing the College of Trades. During the event, Mr. Harris discussed how tradespeople in Ontario must be a member of the College of Trades in order to perform work legally in the province – but in other provinces, this membership is not compulsory. The fees and restrictions associated with the College of Trades makes Ontario a less desirable place to do trades-based work; the lack of appeal could lead to a shortage of skilled tradespeople in Ontario and greatly decrease both efficiency and quality.

Inspectors and officials of the College delay important projects by ordering workers to cease operations until inspection is complete. This wastes time and money for everyone involved – and when a job can be as complicated as a full plant relocation, timing is absolutely crucial.

Mr. Harris, along with all other members of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, believe that abolishing the College of Trades can only have positive results. Ontario would once again become an attractive destination for tradespeople, resulting in more jobs, more efficient project operations, and more money in the pockets of the hard-working men and women on the ground.

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