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Latest Mad Cow case in Alberta a setback for beef export strategy

From the CBC

Food safety concerns were fenced off quickly after officials reported Canada’s 19th case of mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, three weeks ago.

No part of the cow reached any food system. The cow came from the same farm — and so might have contracted BSE the same way — as a case found in 2010. And the latest cow was born in 2009, before any changes resulting from the investigation of the 2010 case.

This early information from the ongoing investigation may reassure North American consumers. It’s still business-as-usual in a now-booming industry. But something strategically important has been lost. Fast-growing export markets Canada fought hard to capture have escaped.

Borders in six countries slammed shut once again: Korea, Taiwan, Peru, Belarus and, finally, China — cruellest of all, given how hard Canada works to promote trade there. Indonesia also blocked non-edible products (carcass parts rendered for other uses.)

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