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Beyond Meat has become a popular brand in past years, with their products now in 33,000 grocery stores, restaurants, hotels,and more across North America. Since conception, the company has been continually researching into new forms of alternative protein which have similar qualities and health benefits to real meat. Most recently Beyond Meat previewed their newest product called Beyond Beef, a meatless substitute for ground beef. 

Compared to regular ground beef, Beyond Beef has 25% less saturated fat, and at 20 grams per serving it offers more protein as well. The product is made from peas, mung bean, and rice protein, which creates a similar taste, texture, and smell to real ground beef. The applications for Beyond Beef range from meatballs to tacos, and everything in between.

With nearly 70% of consumers now decreasing the amount of meat they consume each year, the alternative protein market is constantly growing and producing new products. With Tri-Mach Group’s experienced research and development team a custom processing solution can be created to meet the needs of any new product to market. Choose Tri-Mach Group to ensure your products are safe and ready for the end consumer during production.