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The current process of testing food for contaminants can be a difficult and time consuming process, often forcing companies to send products across countries for testing. The test itself is a very complex procedure, involving various chemists conducting up to two weeks of hard work to extract the data. In order to improve this process, tech company Inspecto has created a new solution of identifying food contaminants, which has proven to be more affordable, reliable, and quicker than previous methods.

Inspecto’s solution consists of disposable capsules inserted into a portable device, which causes contaminant molecules to attach to enhancement molecules. These impurity signals are then visible to the machine and displayed to the user. The device has a level of diagnosis in the range of parts per billion (ppb), which is the sensitivity needed for food safety testing.

Inspecto stated their main goal was to create a more efficient process for testing food and ensure higher safety standards when testing. With the food industry expected to spend up to $18.5 billion annually on contaminant testing by 2021, Inspecto’s potable device has the potential to disrupt the market through increased reliability and decreased costs.

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Source: FoodBev