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Redefining Who We Are


For the Group of Companies, the new year is an exciting time for our organization’s future. With 2019 being our most successful year to date, we saw an opportunity to redefine who we are and unite our family of companies in 2020 so we can continue to be successful, working as one, for years to come. The Group of Companies is showing no signs of slowing down and we are excited to launch our new Mission, Vision, and Values.

Tri-Mach Group, Advance Millwrights, and Industrial Contracting Solutions, while unique in what they work to accomplish, are all part of The Tri-Mach Group of Companies. Together, they provide fully integrated turn-key solutions to our customers.

In January, our family of companies participated in a one-day offsite employee event, uniting us as we launched our new mission, vision, and values. The group participated in axe throwing and bowling competitions, affirming our core values; family-oriented, respect, and support. We truly believe that if our employees are happy, our customers will be happy as well. We will continue to lead by actions, bringing our best every day to achieve the unthinkable. The future is bright for the Tri-Mach Group of Companies and we are proud to share the guiding principles that unite us as one, with those who continue to support us!

New at Tri-Mach Group Inc.

Tri-Mach Welcomes New Director of Operations

Tri-Mach Group is pleased to welcome Luke Hambly to the company as Director of Operations. Luke will work to implement a standardized communication process to ensure all departments are aligned and working towards the same goal. With Tri-Mach Group experiencing remarkable growth and growth predicted along this same trajectory, having clear and concise information is the only way all employees will be accurately informed and can continue to deliver high satisfaction to our customers.

Luke comes to Tri-Mach Group with an Advance Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Automated Manufacturing, as well as previous experience in a Director of Operations role in the manufacturing field. His experience and knowledge will improve lead times, quality and will create new efficient processes.

Tri-Mach Group is excited to have Luke join our team. His arrival comes at a pivotal time for Tri-Mach Group as we are now moved into our 80,000 square foot headquarters that provides us the manufacturing space to allow us to take on more customer projects. His vast experience in operations coupled with his entrepreneurial mindset makes him an excellent addition to our growing and evolving business.


Food Safety 101

Ontario Government Contributes Funds to Food Processors


Each year, the Ontario agri-food sector supports almost one million jobs and contributes more than $47.5 billion to the province’s economy. With growing population sizes and a constant need for food, it is important the agri-food sector continues to support jobs, boost the economy, and bring safe food to domestic and international markets.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s investment totals $3 billion provided by federal, provincial, and territorial governments to strengthen the agriculture and agri-food sector. Their investments will provide simplified and streamlined programs and services that are easier to access. It will also include key enhancements to programs that will help farmers manage significant risks that threaten the viability of their farms that are beyond their capacity to manage. This partnership aims to generate economic growth in the agricultural sector and offer programs that are tailor-made to meet regional needs.

To help Ontario food processors grow their businesses, the provincial government has committed more than $6.5 million in funding to support areas such as food safety, labour productivity, and waste reduction to ensure the province can continue to be competitive in their markets and to produce high-quality foods. The joint investment in these projects is expected to total $28 million and will help boost innovation, enhance productivity and increase sales for the province’s food processing sector, working to reinforce the foundation for public trust through improved assurance systems in food safety Some projects supported through this programming include:
• Implementing technology or other systems to enhance food safety
• Helping the move to advanced manufacturing technology to enhance labour productivity
• Developing new products or processes designed to lead to significantly increased sales

With over 30 years of experience, Tri-Mach Group has the expertise to design custom systems to enhance the food safety of your production process. Tri-Mach Group’s sanitary equipment was created to address the gap between equipment design, food safety, and sanitation, and our focus continues to be keeping food safe for Canadians and beyond. Contact our sales department today at to begin your first step to implement a new system that is tailor-made to meet your regional needs.

Ontario government contributes funds to food processors
Helping Ontario Food Processors Grow Their Businesses



Service Showcase

Tri-Mach’s After Sales Support & Parts Coordinator

Tri-Mach Group is pleased to announce that Pierre Baril will be taking on the new role of After Sales Support and Parts Coordinator. Pierre will be responsible for being the main point of contact in assisting customers with minimizing performance disruption, promoting efficiency, and reducing carrying costs in their facilities.

This functionality within our sales team works to offer comprehensive packages to our customers. We realize that while we do our very best to ensure our products are working properly, some problems can arise during and/or after installation. This is when purchasing a critical spare parts package is an ideal decision to reduce costs and mitigate downtime while maintaining the performance and efficiency of plant operations.

Taking the time to calculate the risk of downtime can help ease the decision on whether or not having stock parts is beneficial to your operation. To calculate risk, it is necessary to know what one hour of downtime will cost your company. With this information and factoring in lead times, you can determine the cost of an unexpected shutdown and compare that to the cost of purchasing and stocking critical spare parts.

Predictive spare part management will help your company make better use of its resources by cutting the time and costs associated with fixing a faulty line. If you would like to learn more about purchasing a critical spare parts package and how it will keep your operation run smoothly, contact

A Message From Our President

A year ago, the Group of Companies looked very different. We were just breaking ground at our new headquarters, we were welcoming Industrial Contracting Solutions (ICS) to our family, and our Western Canada Division was hitting the ground running. When you fast forward to today, you will see us moved into our new home at 18 Donway Court, the successful growth of ICS, a thriving Western Division, and much more. 2019 was truly a great year for the Group of Companies and we eagerly await the challenges that 2020 will bring.

This year, we are also celebrating Tri-Mach Group Inc.’s 35th year in business. With humble beginnings, came great things. What began in 1985 as a local machine shop with 3 employees called Tri-Mach Custom Machining and Fabrication has transformed into what we now call the Tri-Mach Group of Companies that is driven by multi-trade excellence. It’s incredible to look back to our roots as a machine shop and reflect on how far we have come and how much further we have to go, still.

I can feel the excitement throughout our new facility and our teams are excited to see the possibilities that 2020 has in store for us. We are confident that the New Year will be another record-breaker for the Group of Companies.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin
Tri-Mach Inc.