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6KW Trumpf 3030 Fiber Laser Machine

Laser Cutting

Tri-Mach Group Inc. has become an industry leader in food safety through innovation and quality equipment manufacturing for over 30 years. To further our commitment to food safety and ensuring zero contamination in our manufacturing processes, we are pleased to announce the purchase of a brand new 6kW Trumpf TruLaser 3030 machine, powered by patented TruDisk fiber laser technology, at our Elmira facility.

This state-of-the-art machine, one of only a handful currently running in Ontario has the capacity to process stainless steel material up to 1.125” thick and is equipped with a table capable of handling sheets or plates up to 60” x 120” in size. We stock a large inventory of 304 and 316 sheets from 22-7ga and plates ¼”- ¾”. Tri-Mach is proud to use only nonferrous materials in our facility. By reducing exposure to ferrous particles, we ensure a controlled manufacturing environment, which complements our focus on sanitary design principles. Our new Trumpf Laser Machine will be one of the only laser systems solely dedicated to non-ferrous materials in Ontario.

The addition of the Trumpf Laser machine has not only improved turn-around time on our projects by being able to laser cut parts in-house, but this advanced technology has also allowed us to propel our business into new markets with new service offerings and expanded capabilities. We now offer competitive pricing for custom laser cut parts and work with our customers directly to meet all custom fabrication needs. Whether the project is big or small, single order or repeat order, a quantity of one or one thousand, Tri-Mach is here to take on any and all innovative challenges that put our Trumpf Laser machine to the test. Following our EverKleen design principles, our Trumpf Laser machine aligns well with the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry sanitation needs. However, this machine does not limit us to these sectors or any industry specifically. Tri-Mach is able to cut stainless materials and parts to meet any specific design or function. Whether it is guarding for large scale projects, drain plates, shelves, frames, brackets, carts, supports or any other custom requirements, Tri-Mach will take your project to the next level.

With the combination of our in-house design team, the Trumpf Laser machine and our certified team of fabricators, we are fully equipped to can handle any of your custom stainless steel needs. Our design team is capable of drawing custom parts and is available to offer their support and expertise throughout the design process.


New at Tri-Mach Group Inc.

BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

Tri-Mach has recently acquired a Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner, and our team has undergone hands-on training with this innovative and fun tool. The Leica BLK360 captures full-colour, 3D panoramic images which are then streamed into the ReCap Pro mobile app where the scanned data is then filtered and registered in real-time. The data is then transferred to CAD, BIM, VR and AR applications.

The BLK360 allows Tri-Mach to scan a high, standard and fast resolution 3D map of an entire facility. In less than 3 minutes, a fulldome scan and 150 MP spherical image will generate, mapping out an entire space. The scanner takes a 360,000 laser scan points per second in HDR and thermal imaging. Tri-Mach is now able to show our customers a “real view” of an area for customer checks.

With our new BLK360 Laser Scanner, our project managers and estimators are able to accurately map out rooms by taking exact measurements in a fraction of the time that traditional methods would use. The BLK360 has increased our ability in locating clearances or interferences with any existing equipment in the room well in advance. This will significantly increase accuracy in measurements, and decrease the time taking them, which improves Tri-Mach’s already detailed design process. The BLK360 will also help us ensure accurate layouts and installs of new equipment designed and built by TriMach. For more information on this tool and how it would benefit your project, contact our sales department

Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner


Food Safety 101

Six Easy Ways to Ensure Conveyor Safety

Workplace safety and prevention is a big topic in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. One of Tri-Mach’s key principles in the food industry is ensuring that our equipment is food-safe and sanitary. An article from BLOCKtalk Magazine has brought forward six types of solutions that companies in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries need to be looking at to ensure conveyor safety.

The first solution is Elimination: Ask yourself these questions: Can we automate this process? Separating people from the process reduces the risk. Can we eliminate pinch points and other hazards when sourcing a new conveyor system? During the design phase, can we reduce the frequency of under-conveyor clean-ups, conveyor maintenance, removing jams, and other risky activities? Eliminating the hazard altogether is the first choice for workplace safety.

The second solution is Substitution:
Can we replace dangerous equipment with safer equipment? Is your maintenance department still using the nasty chemical cleaner, or have they replaced it with a less hazardous cleaner? Sometimes there are other options that have the same results but are safer for our employees, we just need to look for them.

The third solution is Engineering Controls: This is where safeguarding comes into play. Buying equipment? Make sure the manufacturer meets CSA’s recently revised CSA Z432-16, Safeguarding of Machinery. Adding guards to existing equipment? Follow the standard. When do you need a guard? Think MAC (Moving Parts + Access + Consequences). Can a person reach around, under, through or over? Don’t confuse deterrent devices, such as guardrails, with safeguarding. Deterrent devices can reduce the probability of access to the danger zone but won’t totally prevent access. That’s what safeguards do. Also, consider designing equipment in a way that allows routine maintenance tasks to be performed without removing guards.

The fourth solution is Awareness: Ensure that employees are aware of hazards. The following devices can raise awareness among even the most distracted employee: lights, beacons, strobes, computer warnings, signs, restricted space painted on the floor, beepers, horns, and labels.

The fifth solution is Administration: Use administrative controls like safe work procedures, to ensure the safe and correct use of the equipment. Options include safe job procedures, safety equipment inspections, and workflow planning and design.

The final solution to conveyor safety is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): While protective headgear, safety glasses, hearing protection and other forms of PPE reduce the risk of injury or damage, they are the least effective control and should be used after all other measures have been considered. To learn more on conveyor safety and sanitation, contact

2017 Fall BLOCKtalk
Partner Showcase

Acquisition of Industrial Contracting Solutions Inc.

Tri-Mach Group of Companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of Industrial Contracting Solutions Inc. (ICS) an electrical and automation company based in Stratford, ON. Founded by Michelle & Derek Mueller in 2008, ICS has developed a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the feed & grain industry. ICS specializes in electrical panels, line integration services, controls and automation, maintenance, and field installations.

The ICS team of project managers, estimators, and experienced field staff, ensure customers receive a cost-effective and efficient installation. ICS personnel are always dedicated and trained to work in partnership with the customer. The ICS team has only one goal: the satisfaction of clients to ensure a continuing relationship. For ICS, quality and safety are top priorities. Their competent and professional, licensed electricians have strong backgrounds in the industrial sector.

ICS takes pride in its workmanship and ensures a quality installation while abiding by all ESA and OHSA requirements. ICS takes a proactive approach in ensuring that all their employees are well trained and abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the OHSA to ensure a safe environment for all of their customers, employees, and the general public.

A natural addition to the Tri-Mach Group of Companies, the acquisition of ICS strengthens our value proposition as a turnkey provider to our customers. We look forward to celebrating their 10 year anniversary under the Tri-Mach Group of Companies. We are excited to welcome the ICS team to our family. To learn more about our electrical services and solutions with ICS, contact

A Message From Our President

Out with the old and in with the new! Although 2017 was a truly great year for the Tri-Mach Group of Companies, we are all eagerly looking forward to the challenges that 2018 will bring our way. We’ve already started the year off with some very exciting news. We have acquired a new electrical company that will support the manufacturing of our panels, controls, and conveyor wiring. Industrial Contracting Solutions Inc. is becoming a fantastic new addition to our team. We are also very pleased to celebrate their 10 year anniversary under the Tri-Mach Group of Companies’ umbrella this year.

As of September 2016, we now have our new Trumpf Laser Machine up and running. This addition gives Tri Mach the opportunity to expand its horizons in the fabrication and manufacturing industries. We have also added a BLK360 3D scanner as one of our new and innovative tools to map out obstacles when installing equipment in large processing plants. You can read more details about each of these in this issue of IMPACT.

As always, we are working on many new and innovative projects including a complete packaging line for a vegetable processor. We have also seen great growth in the bakery, vegetable, pharmaceutical, and protein industries this past year. Every department is working very hard to continue the development and success of our company. From all of our project managers, sales reps, shop staff, road crew and all of our administrative staff: we are excited to see all of the possibilities that 2018 has to offer and we’re confident that 2018 will be another record-breaker for the Tri-Mach Group of Companies.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin
Tri-Mach Inc.