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Tri-Mach Launches Skilled Trades Excellence Program

Tri-Mach is proud to announce the launch of our Skilled Trades Centre of Excellence Training Program. The Centre of Excellence is a program designed to provide in-house training for our skilled trades employees to learn new skills or to enhance their capabilities. Team members enrolled in the program have the opportunity to learn MIG, TIG and stick welding, pipefitting, threading, rigging and moving equipment, reading P & ID drawings, and more. Essential skills are taught by our experienced Leadership Team using the same procedures performed in our fabrication facility daily. Employees can even earn their CWB and TSSA certifications through the Centre of Excellence program with courses taught by our in-house representatives.

A highlight of the program is gaining access to our designated “Millwright Training Facility” which features welding booths where apprentices can practice their skills on CWB test plates before undergoing their licensing exams. Mike Fraser, Tri-Mach’s CWB Welding Supervisor, says, “It’s about providing a safe and controlled environment for our team members to enhance their skills and get closer to becoming licensed.” In addition to essential skills training, the program also offers office technologies and project management training to easily transition employees into senior roles as they gain experience.

The continued shortage of skilled tradespeople in North America is a harsh reality. A survey conducted in May by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business reported that 38% of businesses surveyed said that “a shortage of skilled trades workers was the most common impediment to sales or production growth.” Krystal Darling, CEO of Tri-Mach Group, is heavily involved in encouraging students to begin a career in the skilled trades and is excited for the launch of the program stating that “The Centre of Excellence allows us to close the gap on skilled labour shortages by investing in our people. Through the program, we hope to encourage more individuals to pursue a career in the skilled trades and provide seamless pathways to licensing for our apprentices.”


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Let’s Talk Spare Parts

Q & A with Tri-Mach’s After Sales Support Manager Pierre Baril

Q.1. Why is stocking spare parts so important?
Having a well-stocked inventory of spare parts is absolutely crucial to avoiding major production shutdowns. Even the most robust equipment requires certain parts to be replaced on a regular basis, and not having those parts on hand could mean waiting 2-5 weeks before they arrive at your facility. By having spare parts on hand, you significantly reduce unwanted downtime, saving you time and money.

Q.2. What spare parts do you recommend customers always have on hand?
What’s great about Tri-Mach is that we’ve been in the industry for over 35 years and our experience allows us to recommend spare parts based on our customers’ operating capacity and equipment type. The spare parts we recommend having on hand are what we deem Critical Spare Parts which include Gearboxes, Motors, Belting, Sprockets, and Bearings. Critical Spare Parts are the ones you never want to be caught without because without them, production halts.

Q.3. What Spare Parts Packages does Tri-Mach offer?
At Tri-Mach, we organize our spare parts into two categories, the first being Critical Spare Parts as I previously mentioned, and the second being Standard Spare Parts which consist of general wear and tear replacement parts.
We currently offer a Critical Spare Parts Package to customers after the purchase of our equipment. This package includes an Engineering Manual and the recommended spare parts for their project. For Standard Spare Parts, we offer individualized pricing so that they may be purchased as needed.

Q.4. Why is Tri-Mach a reliable source for spare parts?
Tri-Mach is a reliable source for spare parts for several reasons. With decades of experience, we have become industry experts and can customize spare parts packages to fit our customers’ exact needs. We’re also able to fabricate most of our spare parts in-house using our dedicated machine shop, CNC router or laser cutter, which significantly reduces turnaround time for our customers. And not to mention, we have a dedicated After Sales Support Team whose priority is customer care long after our equipment is installed.

Q.5. Want to learn more about our Spare Parts Packages?
Email our After Sales Support Team at

New at Tri-Mach

Growth Continues with New Director of Human Resources

Tri-Mach is pleased to welcome Leo Pasia as our new Director of Human Resources. Leo comes to Tri-Mach with over 20 years of experience in HR, specifically within the manufacturing sector. With an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Toronto and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management from Humber College, Leo brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the role. Formerly the Director of Human Resources at BITE Beauty, Leo says, “It was Tri-Mach’s vision of becoming a leading employer for the skilled trades, and the company’s values that drew me here.”

In his new role, Leo is excited to implement internal structures that will support the professional and personal growth of our employees which includes extended support for growing families, progressive mental health initiatives, and structures related to training and development, and career advancement. Leo also plans to develop clear paths for our team members, including our apprentices, in their journeys to becoming fully licensed, and provide increased support for those undergoing exams and applying for grants.

Leo is passionate about recognizing employee achievements and supporting an employee’s experience from start to finish. He is excited to celebrate each individual’s growth at Tri-Mach and believes in rewarding employees for their accomplishments. A dedicated and family-oriented individual, Leo is a terrific addition to our team, and we look forward to his leadership as Tri-Mach continues to grow.

Product Showcase

Product Accumulation Made Easy with Kleen-Turn™ Turntables

Introducing Tri-Mach’s Kleen-Turn™ Turntables designed for organizing and accumulating product with ease. Our Kleen-Turn™ product line features stainless steel turntables with an open frame design, sanitary tabletop surfaces, adjustable food-safe feet, and variable speed control systems that allow operators to set their desired rotation speed.

To accommodate varying levels of food-safety standards, we have designed two turntables for our customers: the SL1 Kleen-Turn™ and the SL2 Kleen-Turn™. The SL1 features an open frame design, ideal for processing and packaging applications with lower food safety standards. The SL2 turntable, on the other hand, includes a protective shield design to enclose the inner frame, resulting in fewer harbourage areas and quick washdowns. The SL2 is recommended for processors who perform routine washdowns and who require processing equipment that meets stringent food safety standards.

Ideal for accumulating product of various shapes and sizes, our turntables are available in 48” and 60” diameters but can also be designed to support larger production lines if required.

Add the Kleen-Turn™ Turntables to your existing line or order them as part of a complete conveying system. To determine which turntable is right for you, speak to one of our industry experts at

A Message From Our Chairman

As another record-breaking quarter comes to a close, we are thrilled to report that we have exceeded our sales targets year to date. Our newly established team in Manitoba is busy serving our new and existing clients in the Western provinces and we are continuing to see growth at our branch in the United States.

Our sister companies Advance Millwrights Inc. and Industrial Contracting Solutions Inc. have also seen tremendous growth in the last year resulting in the completion of a shop expansion for Advance Millwrights and a brand-new facility underway for Industrial Contracting Solutions in Stratford, Ontario.

At Tri-Mach, we understand the timely circumstances in which our customers operate. We pride ourselves on our quick fulfillment times and recognize that our suppliers play a huge role in the successful completion of our projects. With that, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our suppliers for their quick deliveries and exceptional customer service.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin
Tri-Mach Inc.