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Growing and Expanding Tri-Mach Group of Companies

Tri-Mach Group of Companies has witnessed growth above industry norms as a result of their vertically integrated acquisition strategy which began in 2016. The continued success of the organization has resulted in office expansions, new state-of the art manufacturing equipment, and upgraded technology to help customers stay ahead of the demand curve.

As a group, Advance Millwrights, Industrial Contracting Solutions, and Tri-Mach Group offer more controlled and efficient processes for customer projects, with one point of contact for each of their needs. The company provides its customers with full turnkey solutions for multi-trade needs including custom fabrication, millwrighting, and electrical services, ranging in industries from agriculture through to recycling.

Currently, Canada’s consumer industry is booming. Unemployment rates are at an all-time low, the retail industry is prospering, costs of goods are rising, and food trends continue to expand their demographic. Tri-Mach Group of Companies can attribute a portion of their success to these movements as there is a greater demand for investment in automation and technology. The advancements in these sectors allow companies to keep up with the changes within the food processing industry as populations grow bigger and eating habits evolve.

With skilled trades experiencing a labour shortage, more companies are turning to automation within their facilities to keep up with the demand and boost efficiency. These automated food processing systems allow companies to increase their production levels while simultaneously raising safety standards. Moreover, due to new trends in the market such as a focus on natural food, meal kits, and decreased waste, more companies are introducing new products and packaging into their operations. To integrate these projects into current facilities, custom solutions are needed to meet the specific needs and dimensions of each launch.

The economic changes happening today make it imperative for companies to stay up-to-date with technology in the market. Tri-Mach Group of Companies is a one-stop solution provider for all your equipment needs. With the various customization capabilities, the three companies offer tailor-made solutions for your products. Visit our website at to find out more.

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New at Tri-Mach Group Inc.

Tri-Mach Welcomes New Director of Engineering

Tri-Mach Group is pleased to welcome Rob Frappier to the company as Director of Engineering. Rob will be responsible for strategic direction, innovation, and
development of the Engineering Department. Moreover, Rob will be assisting with the integration of the Group of Companies, helping to improve the engineering workflow process across each of the three companies.

Rob comes to Tri-Mach with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Applied Science, and MBA, as well as over 20 years of engineering experience with a primary focus on automation. In his previous roles, Rob has completed
projects within various industries including food and beverage, energy,
technology, transportation, and more. This experience and knowledge will bring new technologies to the company and improve productivity

Rob’s arrival comes as a result of the continuous growth Tri-Mach Group has seen over the past years, resulting in a higher number of projects and designers within our engineering department. Rob will lead this department through its growth moving forward, ensuring all of our projects are met with the highest safety, quality, and innovation possible. This leadership aligns with the company’s strategic five-year plan, which includes the department doubling in size.

Tri-Mach Group is thrilled to have Rob join our team. With this growth to our engineering department, TriMach Group will be better able to meet the needs of our customers and develop new and innovative projects never before created.

Food Safety 101

The Global Impact of African Swine Fever

As the outbreak of African Swine Fever continues to spread, the impact of the disease is now being felt around the world. In China, an estimated 200 million hogs will be killed due to the disease by the end of the year. With China representing 49% of the pork industry’s global market share, this pig decline has had a large global impression with the potential to worsen over time.

African Swine Fever is a highly contagious livestock virus that is spread both directly and indirectly between domestic and wild hogs. The illness causes fever, internal bleeding, and often death within the animals. Though this disease cannot be contracted by humans, there is currently no cure for it in pigs, which can result in a death rate of up to 90% of a herd once the disease has been developed on a farm.

As of now no cases of African Swine Fever have been recorded in North America; however, the disease is rapidly spreading around other regions including Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Japan, and parts of Europe. As a result of this pork decline, the global meat supply has experienced a decrease of 5%, and pork prices have risen up to 30% in Europe and 50% in China. With this decrease in supply, the demand for pork from uncontaminated countries has risen drastically, with Canada expecting to increase pork exports by 40% this year. Due to this, it is now more important than ever to ensure all safety and sanitary precautions are being taken by North American pork farmers and producers.

When dealing with raw or ready-to-eat pork products, it is essential to maintain a clean work area, consisting of regular equipment cleanings. With Tri-Mach Group’s different levels of sanitation designs, your processing conveyors can be easily taken apart down to the frame in minutes, without the use of any tools. Because of this, routine cleanings to prevent bacteria buildup will result in minimal downtime, and no technician is needed.

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Project Showcase

Iron Will Raw Inc. – Pet Food

Iron Will Raw is a producer of raw pet food based out of St. Catharines, Ontario. Iron Will Raw’s products are natural, high in protein, and absent of any fillers or preservatives, resulting in a healthy diet for all pets. Over the past 5 years, Iron Will Raw (and the raw food industry as a whole) have seen exponential growth, with the
company’s products now in close to 200 retail stores across Canada. Within the last year Iron Will Raw has moved into a new facility due to their significant growth, which has resulted in the need for a new production line that will provide increased productivity and the sanitation requirements for their HACCP certification.

Knowing the high sanitation risks related to raw food, Iron Will Raw reached out to Tri-Mach Group to ensure their new packaging line attains the highest sanitary levels possible. Tri-Mach designed an end packaging conveyor for their new line, which improves productivity and decreases downtime during production. With the new packaging conveyor in place, employees at Iron Will Raw will have much less manual labour to complete during their operations, resulting in higher production volumes and boosting efficiency by up to three times.

When working with raw food, sanitation standards are of utmost importance to prevent bacteria buildup. Tri-Mach Group’s sanitary technology ensures all products are kept clean during their packaging process, making it safe for both the pets and pet owners to be around. Contact our sales team today to find out more about our sanitary equipment tailored for the pet food industry.

A Message From Our President

It has been very successful half of the year with some amazing leaps forward taking place over the past few months. Our new headquarters has come along significantly, with the building structure now in place and the shop beginning to take shape. Our team eagerly looks forward to the winter move-in.

In the beginning of June, we held our company barbecue and Health & Safety Meeting, gathering the whole Tri-Mach Group team together. In this meeting, we were able to discuss employee safety and introduce new projects coming in the near future. I would like to thank each of our employees for attending the meeting and putting in the hours to keep our production on track and our customers satisfied.

We have done some restructuring within our Engineering Department recently that will help us to improve our process and innovate more moving forward. With Rob leading our engineering team, we will be better equipped to meet the needs of our customers and create cutting-edge projects never before seen. We have much to look forward to in the second half of the year, and many large projects approaching in the near future.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin
Tri-Mach Inc.